Maritime union of india

Terms And Conditions...

  1. is a website to facilitate Shipping Companies, Seafarers and Marine Institutes to contact each other.
  2. It provides information to Seafarers regarding vacancies in various Shipping Companies and, to Shipping Companies the availability of Seafarers.
  3. does not levy fee for posting and approving resume/CV.
  4. will charge companies for providing the availability and details of Seafarers.
  5. No individual or Organization has been authorized, on behalf of the website, to collect any fee what so ever for accessing and posting resumes or searching for vacancies or resumes.
  6. As seafarers register on for exposure in the shipping industry, Sea Line Group has the right to send SMS to their registered mobile number about the requirements and happening in the industry. Any person having objection, do not put their mobile number (without mobile number your CV will not be activated). For the benefit of the seafarers.
  7. wants the users of the website to be carefull and maintain secrecy and security of the website.
  8. does not give guarantee that all resumes/advertisements will be viewed by any particular or all users, and within the specified time frame.
  9. does not entertain posting of any false or incomplete and inaccurate resumes and information.
  10. Also it does not give guarantee that everyone who posts his/her resume will get the placement to his/her satisfaction.
  11. Only members may login using their own login id and password. They should not give out their login id and password to others to logon to
  12. shall initiate legal proceeding against any person or firm or organization indulging in activities such as :