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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-


1) What is
Ans:- is a premiere online job portal where a platform is provided to shipping companies, seafarers and marine institutes to interact with each other.

2) How do I register on
Ans:-Click on the ‘create account’ button on the home page and then choose your category and click on ‘Free registration’. Fill in your appropriate details.

3) What if I forget my password?
Ans:-Go to the login page. Click on ‘forgot password’ located below ‘submit’. Select your category and enter your registered email address. Your password details will be sent to you by e-mail. Make sure to change it for security reasons.

4) How to download the mobile app?
Ans:-Go to the Google Play store or the App store on your android or Apple device. Search for SeaJob app and download it onto your mobile device. Login through your registered ID and password.

5) How can I use the direct chat feature?
Ans:-Once you login, go to your home page and click on the chat link. You will see a list of companies/candidates who are online. Select the one you want to chat with and type a message. The other party will receive a notification. Kindly be patient and wait for a reply.

6) Is there a common database for the website and the app?
Ans:-Yes, the database maintained is the same. So, you can access all the information from both the website as well as the App.

7) How can I Subscribe the magazine?
Ans:-Go to and click on ‘Seaandjob subscribe’ button located on the top. Fill in your details and make the online payment.

8) Can I read the magazine ‘SeaAndJob’ for free?
Ans:-Yes. You can Save Money and Save Paper by reading the free E-version of the latest magazine on There is a default user ID and password already entered. Press ‘Login’ and click on ‘View magazine’ tab present on the top of the page. We believe that all the seafarers should be able to easily access our magazine, free of cost.

9) How do I get the SeaJob Directory?
Ans:-We have vendors across Mumbai. You can also subscribe online by clicking on ‘SeaJob Communities’ tab located on the top of the homepage and then clicking on ‘subscribe to Directory’. Enter your details and complete the payment and a directory will be delivered to you within the next 10-15 days.

10) How can I contact (Sea Line Group)?
Ans:-We have a ‘Contact us’ link on the upper right corner of the homepage where all our details are mentioned.

For Candidates:

1) How can I activate my CV?
Ans:-Once you upload the CV, our representative will contact you within 48 hours to verify and approve your CV.

2) How can I hide my CV?
Ans:-Login with your registered ID and password. Go to the hide link and click on companies.

3) How do I apply to a company?
Ans:-Once you login with your registered user ID and password, you can either click on the ‘Urgent job’ button to see all available job listings and apply there or you can directly click on your desired company and apply.

4) How do I subscribe to the question banks?
Ans:-Login with your registered user ID and password, click on the ‘Seajob Communities’ then click on the question bank. Register and make an online payment and access Question banks within 48hours. Keep in mind that the Question banks are Computer based tests and no hardcopy will be provided.

5) How do I book a course?
Ans:-Login with your registered user ID and password. Click on ‘Book a course’ button. A detailed list of institutes and the courses they offer will be then available to you. You can filter your choices on the basis of the course you are seeking. When you select a course, an e-mail will be sent to the institute containing your name, rank, phone number and e-mail ID. The institute will then contact you.
Moreover, you can compare course fees of different institutes.

For Companies:

1) How can I post an Ad to find candidates?
Ans:-Register your company on our website. Our representative will contact you within 48 hours, providing you information about the different plans available and its cost. You can choose the plan that best suits your need. According to the plan you choose a location on the website will be provided for the placement of your AD.

We do not take any responsibility for the placement of jobs or the contents of the Ads. We don’t have any branches or agents.